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Jesus Explains Hell - Dr. John Barnett

Updated: Jun 23

Video from DTBM

Jesus Explains Hell

"Jesus Explains Death and The Reality of Eternal Hell This morning I would like to remind you of the most horrible doctrines in God's Word—the reality of an eternal Hell for those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The amazing thing about Hell is how seldom we hear about it. Jesus spoke more of Hell than Heaven—we speak more of Heaven than Hell. Jesus warned of Hell from the start to the end of His ministry. Jesus preached about the horrors awaiting the unsaved lost ones in public, in private, with saints, and with sinners. Jesus spoke much of it—we speak little of it. It was almost 20 years ago I read an article in Moody Monthly that more clearly described Hell than I was even comfortable with. Let me share that with you. That hideous doctrine of hell is fading. How often have you thought of it in the past month, for instance? Does it make a difference in your concern for others, in your witness? Is it a constant and proper burden? Our Lord’s words on the subject are unnerving. In Luke 16, He tells us of a rich man who died and went to Hades (the abode of the unsaved dead between death and final judgment). From that story and a few other revelatory facts, we can infer several characteristics of hell. First, it’s a place of great physical pain. The rich man’s initial remark concludes with his most pressing concern: “I am in agony in this flame” (Luke 16:24). We do not make enough of this. We all have experienced pain to some degree. We know it can make a mockery of all life’s goals and beauties. Yet we do not seem to know pain as a hint of hell, a searing foretaste of what will befall those who do not know Christ, a grim reminder of what we will be spared from. (John Thomas, That Hideous Doctrine, MOODY MAGAZINE, Sept. 1985) WNS-13 - Jesus Explains Hell (050313AM )." from video introduction


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