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Video from DTBM

"The point is, God is not just the owner of the universe in general, but the owner of me in particular. In fact, I am twice his-first by creation, and second by redemption. Ownership is living in the light of this overriding truth. It is living life with the acute awareness that we are managers, not owners, that we are caretakers of God's assets, which he has entrusted to us while we are on earth. How we handle our money and possessions will be determined by whom we really believe to be their true owner-and ours. Transferring the Title Deed to God. God owns all things, whether we recognize it or not. But life becomes much clearer and in some respects much easier-when we consciously and continuously choose to recognize it. • The question is not whether we theoretically affirm God's ownership. • The question is whether we have deliberately transferred the ownership of ourselves and all our assets to him. • Have we invited him to be what Scripture says he is-the Creator, Owner, and Controller of us, our family, our possessions, and our money? And have we extended the invitation again after we have taken things back into our hands? This self-surrender to God is the beginning of true stewardship. When we come to grasp that we are stewards, not owners of our money, it totally changes our perspective. Suddenly I'm not asking, "How much of my money shall I, out of the goodness of my heart, give to God?" Rather, I'm asking, "Since all of 'my' money is really yours, Lord, how would you like me to invest your money today?" When I truly realize that God has a claim not on a few dollars to throw in an offering plate, not on IO percent or 50 percent but 100 percent of "my" money, it is revolutionary. Suddenly I am God's steward, God's Money Manager. I am not God. Money is not God. God is God. He is in his place, and I am in mine. Not only does God own everything, God controls everything. Again, the implications are enormous. I don't have to own everything. I don't have to control everything. It is in better hands than mine. And when catastrophe strikes I can honestly adopt the posture of John Wesley, referred to at the beginning of this chapter, when he said, "No. The Lord's house burned down. That means one less responsibility for me." As Wesley did, I must remind myself of both God's role and mine to gain perspective in the face of loss or turmoil. What a life-changing and freeing perspective is God's ownership and sovereignty when the house is robbed, the car is totaled, the bike is stolen ... and even when the diagnosis is cancer. To yield to this vital concept in your mind, I suggest you sit down and actually draw up a title deed, or use this one if you wish: Date: I hereby grant to the Lord my God myself and all of my money and possessions and all else I've ever thought of as mine, even my family. From this point forward I will think of them as his to do with as he wishes. I will do my utmost to prayerfully consider how he wishes me to invest his assets to further his kingdom. In doing so I realize I will surrender certain temporary earthly treasures and gain in exchange eternal treasures, as well as increased perspective and decreased anxiety. Signed: Witness:" from video introduction.

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