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Jewish Prehistory (Stone Age-Bronze Age) (1 of 63)

Updated: Aug 17

Video from Sam Aronow

Jewish Prehistory (Stone Age-Bronze Age)

"Part 1 of a series on Jewish History! In order to talk about Jewish history, we have to talk about how the geography and climate of the Eastern Mediterranean first shaped the Natufian and later Canaanite cultures." from video introduction.

Sam Aronow is an American-Israeli actor and director. He was born Sam Aronow Huddy on December 18, 1989, in Pasadena, California, to Denise Aronow and Robert Huddy, and has both Jewish and Irish ancestry. Aronow credits his mother as his main influence to become a filmmaker, claiming that she guided him toward the career by making him watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) at the age of ten. He began writing and directing short videos with his friends, as well as writing feature-length scripts, but lost them after successive computer crashes. Huddy attended film school at San Francisco State University and later California State University, Los Angeles with the intent of writing for television, but began acting in order to assist his classmates (notably Gene Aversa). After graduating in 2014, Huddy took his maternal grandfather's name Sam Aronow, completed his first short film Character (2016), and began acting professionally, mostly as an extra, before emigrating to Israel to work in the film industry there.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: samhuddy


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