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Jews in Medieval England (1070-1290)

Video from Sam Aronow

"Sources: “The Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215” Courtesy Fordham University Fr. Gilbert Crispin “Disputation of a Jew with a Christian about the Christian Faith” Courtesy Fordham University John Tolan “Of Milk and Blood: Innocent III and the Jews, revisited” Joseph Jacobs “England” (Jewish Encyclopedia) Peter Stone “The Jews of Medieval London” Intro 0:40 The First Jews in England 4:04 Richard the Lionheart 7:54 Lateran IV 8:56 The Disputation of Paris 11:42 The Statutes of Jewry" from video introduction.

"Before the Conquest

There is no real evidence of Jews settling England before the 1070s - the Doomsday book recorded a Manasser settled in rural Oxfordshire - however it is believed that this was only an incidence of a gentile with an unusual (for a gentile) Old Testament name.

The Tsarfat Jewish Community

Map of old europe
Map of Europe in the Middle Ages

We do know that Jews from Rouen arrived at the invitation, if not the command, of William the Conqueror, to introduce an established network of credit and trading links between his new English lands and his French ones. The English and Northern French Jewish communities would remain connected by family ties, literature and rabbinical exchange throughout the period of English medieval Jewish settlement..." from the article: The History of the Medieval Jews of England

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