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John Mark Comer on Spiritual Formation for Today’s World and Practices for Deep Friendship

John Mark Comer on Spiritual Formation for Today’s World and Practices for Deep Friendship

"John Mark Comer on Spiritual Formation for Today’s World, Recovery After Sundays, and Practices for Deep Friendship.

John Mark Comer joins us again for a conversation on why people in our congregations are gravitating towards spiritual formation right now, and how we can pastor people beyond conversion into deeper healing and sanctification in their walk with Christ.

Jason and John Mark talk through what it’s like to pastor today, and how the cultural hostility pastors navigate can purify our motivations and remind us that Christ is our reward. Thinking about practices for pastoral longevity, John Mark shares the need for balanced rest and activation and how to cultivate deep, brutally honest friendships.

This episode encourages us to think deeply about the role of confession in the pastorate, how we can shepherd people in different stages of discipleship, and the desire people in the Church have for deeper communion with God.

Bio | John Mark Comer, once the founding pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, dedicated two decades to integrating discipleship to Jesus into the post-Christian West. In 2021, he pivoted to developing spiritual formation resources for global church communities through Practicing the Way. Now residing in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, he crafts new practices, courses, and podcasts while serving as a teacher at Vintage Church LA. A New York Times bestselling author, Comer's notable works include "Practicing the Way" and "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry."

Thanks to the Canadian Bible Society for supporting this episode. Learn more about their Bible Course here:" from the video introduction

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