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Jonathan Pageau on Civilizational Christianity, Islam, ARC, Jesus and Peter

We speak of Civilizational Christianity and the supposed collapse of of civilization around the world as if WE are solely responsible for making it and fixing it!

We say God is sovereign and that Christ is at the helm of history yet we act like this is not the case.

Our daily relationship with Christ is the ballast of our history and civilization.

The Person of the Holy Spirit is at work in each of us and the world around us.

Just as in our personal lives if we ignore God and seek to live by our own strength we fail.

Video from Paul VanderKlay

Jonathan Pageau on Civilizational Christianity, Islam, ARC, Jesus and Peter

How can we avert civilizational collapse?

"Enjoy the New Year because time is speeding us toward civilizational collapse, according to a recent study by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Though the MIT report does not include it, there are other threats even greater than the material environment and economic breakdowns: The crash of spiritual and moral climates. Irish poet W. B. Yeats spoke of the spin to chaos and breakdowns brought on because the strategic center “could not hold.” Yeats did not identify those centers of cohesion, but many who study social stability and strength would include a healthy worldview, and spiritual vision of the transcendent values that stretch us beyond the merely material and the sources from which those factors arise. In Western Civilization that would be the Bible.

When, at the end of the Second World War, General Douglas MacArthur was assigned the task of restoring civilization in the Pacific — entire cultures and their societies — he said, “It must be the spirit if we are to save the flesh.”Many students of civilization would agree that the Bible is the sturdy source of the worldview and values of Western Civilization. It has been at the center of strength, and if it is lost, the civilization dependent upon it weakens.Jordan Peterson, a noted expert in the nature of civilization, described the Bible as the “bedrock” of Western Civilization. In fact, quality of life is a major concern of God. He revealed the principles of healthy civilization in the commands He gave Mosesat Sinai. The Lord stated that He was giving those principles so that “it would go well for” Moses and the people he was leading toward the new society birthed at Sinai..." from the article How can we avert civilizational collapse?

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