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Video from Timeline Theological Videos

"The producer of these videos’ Dr Timothy Hull has also written the introductory book “ Faith & modern thought. The modern philosophers for understanding modern theology A jargon -busting , myth -busting introduction. Cascade books WIPE and STOCK Publishers​​... “I wish I had had this book as a student—it is so much more helpful and interesting than anything else on the subject. Tim Hull offers an engaging, clear, and utterly unpretentious introduction to modern thought and modern philosophy for theologians, while at the same time giving a sophisticated and fresh reading of the history of thought. A great achievement.” —Karen Kilby, Durham University “Dr. Hull is a gifted teacher who has produced a convincing case for understanding theology within the bigger context of philosophy. He produces masterly studies of Kant, Hegel, Barth, Pannenberg, and others, each from a fresh angle. The book abounds in homely illustrative anecdotes and short readable sections. The incarnation and Trinity receive a rightful place. Reading the book to the end will be amply rewarded.” —Anthony C. Thiselton, Universities of Nottingham and Chester “Tim Hull’s book displays his wonderful gift for making profound and influential ideas accessible and enjoyable to think deeply about. With clarity, creativity, humor, and illuminating exposition of the metaphors at the heart of their projects, he shows persuasively that key figures in modern Western philosophy must be understood as religious thinkers, and that several major thinkers in modern Christian theology cannot be adequately understood apart from them.” —Ben Fulford, University of Chester “Tim Hull’s conversational style, coupled with crystal clear thinking, forms a perfect introduction to the long, intertwined history of philosophy and theology. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking read.” —Isabelle Hamley, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury “The dominant trends in modern theology were largely shaped by the intellectual movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Recognizing the need for an accessible guide to the key figures and movements, Timothy Hull has produced a lively and informative introduction which should prove of much assistance to students.” —David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh" from video introduction.


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