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Karl Faase Interviews Tim Kelly for Faith Runs Deep

Updated: 5 days ago

Video from Olive Tree Media

Karl Faase Interviews Tim Kelly for Faith Runs Deep

"Tim Kelly is a world-champion bull and saddle-bronc rider who now runs schools in this field, sharing his knowledge of riding, as well as sharing about his Christian faith. After becoming world champion at the Canadian Calgary Rodeo in 1980, Tim still felt an emptiness and a feeling that there was something more. He found what he was looking for after joining in on a church service at a rodeo in Melbourne, where a bikie from God Squad gave his testimony. This changed Tim dramatically, as he devoured cassette tapes of sermons on long drives, and began to pray for God to overcome his fear before each ride. Surrounded by cows and bulls, Karl Faase spoke with Tim about his career, his faith, and how he now seeks to do as Jesus did and share the love of Christ in his world of bull and saddle bronc riding. For the full interview, Partner and Watch at" from the video introduction

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