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Khonsu: The Egyptian Moon God (in Marvel’s Moon Knight)

Video from ReligionForBreakfast

"Moon Knight is the latest Marvel character to get a live action adaptation on Disney Plus. The show tells the story of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), who becomes the Fist of Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God. How faithful is the MCU god to Khonsu of Egyptian mythology?" from video introduction.

Small statue
Khonsu Egyptian Moon God Statue


"(Khons, Chons, Khensu) was a god of the moon and time. His cult center was at Thebes where he was part of a triad with Amun and Mut. He was one of the companions of Thoth (who was also associated with the moon and the measurement of time). It was thought that Khonsu could influence the fertility of both the people and their livestock, and one myth (recorded on the walls of the Ptolemaic temple of Khonsu at Karnak) gives him a prominent role in the creation of the universe. He was also revered as a god of healing, as is recorded in the story of the “Princess of Bekheten”. It was said that he personally healed the pharaoh Ptolemy IV (who took the epithet “beloved of Khonsu who protects the king and drives away evil spirits” in thanks for the god’s help). He was also thought to extend his protection to the common people. As a result, many Egyptians were named after him..." from the article: Khonsu


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