Law or Lawlessness in America! What Will We Choose?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Video from ABC7

Brazen shoplifters walk out of TJ Maxx in Granada Hills with armfuls of stolen merchandise | ABC7

The America of Law & Order is a thing of the past.

Even as politicians like Trump, Biden etc. continue to break down and destroy democracy in general we are seeing specific and blatant lawlessness in our communities by individuals. We are seeing a lot of reporting about people just walking into stores and walking out with merchandise. (see video above)

Lets be clear this is a complete breakdown of the rule of law! There is no response from the police or anyone.

We can blame this on the democrats etc. or we can take responsibility ourselves. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BECOME CORRUPT! WE approve of cheating and dishonesty to get what we think we deserve or think has been taken from us! Why not just walk into a store and take something off the shelves!

As the city of Minneapolis contemplates disbanding the police force (more lawlessness to come!) ambushes await officers who respond to gunfire and other crimes. Lawlessness is increasing by the day as our culture and institutions break down. These are no longer the warning signs of a possible breakdown of civilized life, hat breakdown is here. If local and national leaders are unable to summon the will to defend our most basic Rule of Law they have forfeited their right to govern.

Unless and until new leaders are elected who understand their duty to maintain the rule of law, the country will not pull back from disaster.

Christians role in all of this is to first have an authentic daily relationship with Christ our Lord.

To pray, read his Holy Word, to confess our sins, to actually repent and help those that surround us, to attend a church filled with broken Disciples like us.

Our efforts to reclaim our nation through the schemes of men is doomed and will fail!

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