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Learning From Work That Goes Wrong: The Value In Keeping Your Failed Art

In this short video artist Natasha Newton shares her thoughts on failure, specifically art failures, and how she eventually came to value those failures.

As an artist myself I completely understand.

Yet this appreciation and acceptance of failure in art is actually a life lesson, an application.

It took me many years and through Christ and The Person of the Holy Spirit to mature enough to accept my limitations as a finite being.

I have limited energy and ability.

The reality that we learn often to late is that everything in life is part of our growth in time and through God.

Don't be discouraged by failure, keep trying, do not give up!

Video from Natasha Newton

Learning From Work That Goes Wrong: The Value In Keeping Your Failed Art

"Hello everyone! For my first video of 2024 I'm sharing small drawings from a new series I've been working on, which has been a bit of a steep learning curve for me. I challenged myself to make miniature coloured pencil drawings using only pencils, something I rarely do! I feel so comfortable working in mixed media when drawing, that limiting myself to only one medium felt very strange at first. This resulted in many 'failed' artworks, some of which I'll share with you alongside the more successful pieces. I'll also talk about learning from work that goes wrong and the value of keeping your 'bad art' instead of throwing it away!" from video introduction

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