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Lebanon: How I Learned to Love My Enemies

Can you love your enemies or the people you perceive to be your enemies?

Jesus said we must love your enemies.

Christ loved each of us as his enemies, sinners in need of grace, He then died for us.

Can we claim the same? Are we forgiving enough, objective enough?

Do you confess your sins and ask God to give you the insight to see other peoples opinions?

Listen to Maher El Hajj's story about loving his enemies.

Video from 100Huntley

Lebanon: How I Learned to Love My Enemies

"Maher El Hajj became a follower of Jesus through a YFC Lebanon program in 1995. The ministry of YFCL had a big impact on his life. He was invited to join YFCL as a full time staff member in 2003. On January 2012, he took the role of National Director of YFC Lebanon. YFCL serves among Lebanese and Syrian refugee youth from different faith backgrounds to reach the marginalized and sometimes overlooked youth in his country.

Maher is passionate about reaching youth and seeing them saved and discipled. He is involved as well in training youth workers from the Middle East to see them equipped to reach the lost youth with the Gospel." from video introduction

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