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Life and Ministry with Sinclair Ferguson

"Have you ever wanted to sit down with an older godly pastor and just ask him about life for an hour? Well, that’s what Kevin tries to do with Sinclair in this wide-ranging conversation that talks about Scotland, America, books, preaching, Shetland ponies, Groundskeeper Willie, and the Queen. Timestamps: Intro and Sponsor [0:00-1:43] Talking about Yourself [1:44-2:47] A Scottish Perspective on the US [2:48-11:22] Where Did Scotland Lose its Christian Heritage? [11:23-21:39] Ministry in Scotland [21:40-36:42] Ferguson and Murray [36:43-43:04] Dead Mentors [43:05-44:09] Aspiring to the Academy [44:10-49:54] Sinclair's Greatest Impacts [49:55-52:39] Writing: A Love-Hate Relationship [52:40-55:00] Are Scots Dour and Cantankerous? [55:01-59:16] Preaching for the Queen [59:17-1:06:42] A Dog's Breakfast [1:06:43-1:08:05] " from video introduction

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