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Life is a Vapor: Meet Needs, Feed Souls, Elevate God

Video from Vapor Ministries

Why Vapor? Our Story

"Oh Lord, help me understand my mortality and the brevity of life! Let me realize how quickly my life will pass! Look, you make my days short-lived, and my life span is nothing from your perspective. Surely all people, even those who seem secure, are nothing but VAPOR. Surely people go through life as mere ghosts. Surely they accumulate worthless wealth without knowing who will eventually haul it away. But now, oh Lord, on who am I relying? You are my only hope!" -Psalm 39:4-7 (NET)

Micah was a three-sport athlete who had dreams of grid iron splendor and loved to surf.​ He had no idea that a family trip to the beach, would nearly send him to the grave. On October 9, 1995, a stranger found Micah’s lifeless body floating face down in the surf. "I remember feeling a shock rush through my body as soon as my head hit the water. I had dived into big waves a hundred times before, but this time I knew something was wrong." Micah shattered four vertebrae in his neck, was immediately rendered quadriplegic, and he flatlined. His body was loaded onto a life flight and transported to Tampa General Hospital.. from the website:

Raise Praise to Him!

Video from Vapor Ministries

Our Amazing God is mobilizing awesome work through our partnership. Thank you!

Pushing Back Darkness in the Beautiful Game

"Whether you know it as “soccer” or “football,” the “beautiful game” is so called because of its ability to bring diverse people groups together. Barriers that exist in other spheres of life suddenly disappear among like-minded fans.

We can see this in the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar—an expected global audience of over 5 billion will make it the most-watched tournament in its history.

But among all the beauty of the world’s game, there exists an ugly, dark side. Every year thousands of children, primarily from African countries, are recruited by unlicensed scouts and agents and promised the opportunity to travel to Europe to play for major soccer clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Juventus. Families often leverage everything they own to help their sons pursue soccer stardom.

However, most of these teenagers don’t make it onto a top professional team, leaving them to fend for themselves in a foreign country with little to no money.

“They come to Europe to play for AC Milan or Paris St-Germain, but the reality for many talented young African footballers, children not much older than nine, is that they will find themselves selling fake handbags on the streets,” reported the Guardian.

Ben Boycott / Courtesy of Trivela Group

Ben Boycott is the last person you might expect to be pushing back the darkness of African soccer player exploitation.

Ben grew up in Canada and Alaska playing ice hockey, not soccer. After college, he completed an MBA and a Masters in Financial Risk Strategy from the University of Alabama and went on to a successful career in corporate finance. But in a major about-face, Ben left corporate America in 2014 to join Vapor Ministries, located in the small Alabama town of Sylacauga. As the president and chief operations officer of Vapor Ministries, he was inadvertently propelled into the midst of the exploitation and trafficking of African soccer players. But that is just the beginning of the story!

I asked Boycott—now the founder of Sovereign Football Club, managing director of Trivela Group, and director of the Walsall Football Club—about the innovative strategies he and others are using to bring about meaningful change for thousands of young African soccer players and their families.." from the article: Pushing Back Darkness in the Beautiful Game

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