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Life on Other Planets & God's Stewardship Through Mankind

God's Creation
God's Creation

In Genesis we are given a brief desciption of the creation of the cosmos and our world.

We are also told much later in scripture tht at that time (we think) Angelic entities were created and sang as God created!

From the beginning God has made it clear He wants a family of beings, Humanity as His image bearers and the Entities that we losely refer to as angels. He gave all of us the free will and mental facilties to think and therefore to do exactly what He commands or the opposite of what He instructs us to do.

So from that we see in scripture there have been several rebellions in the Unseen realm as Angelic creatures attempted to cheat and do evil. Those rebellions are the rebellion of Lucifer (aka Satan) and the Angels that went with him, then the rebellion of the Watchers who necessitated the worldwide destruction of humanity (except for Noah & his family) and of course our rebellion in the Garden. That rebellion seems to be along side the rebellion of Lucifer.

The world both seen and unseen is not benign nor inactive. As we can see now with our slow recognition of what we losely term "The Phenomenon" the unseen. supernatural world around us is teeming with activity. And not all of it is friendly to humanity. In many respects we are babes in the woods as we accept with gullable naivety the communications of unseen and unkown entities. We could be putting ourselves in danger doing this.

The Bible does not tell us there is life on other planets.

We do not there is life on this one and somehow right along with it in an unseen dimension Angelic entities and it seems other entities.

The ancients were smarter than we in that the knew and recognized that there really was an unseen, supernatural realm and presence that interacted with our own.

Us post-moderns we just ignore it and try to pretend its not there or claim it does not exist.

We were from the start intended to be stewards on God's behalf in caring for this planet. He gives us a job to do, methods of success and then leaves us to sow and reap. God has allowed us to increase through advances, through technology yet we still are faced with the same risks and promise as our parents faced in the Garden.

The Holy Spirit hovered over this world to help create it, the same Person of the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, then descended upon Jesus at His baptism and then Christ went on to send the Holy Spirit back for ALL men on Pentecost.

So we know this for certain out of all the worlds we know anything about God chose this one to bless and allow to flourish with life. Could it be that the santification and fruitfulness of this world is to ultimately bless all worlds? Are the barren worlds we currently know about waiting to be filled?

The natural world is not self-sustaining, it has laws but that is not soverinity. Nature must be trained and cultivated. Men are what makes the world fruitful. In the same manner we require God to cultivate our lives that we would be fruitful as well.

The Kingdom of God, the Dominion of Christ is at work right now. It will be through Christ and new technology given to us by The Person of the Holy Spirit that we would colonize other planets.

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