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Look at the Book: How Does Our Walking Please God? Colossians 1:9–12, Part 6

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Video from Desiring God

How Does Our Walking Please God?

Suffering Will Always Change You

"Several years ago, a close friend walked away from faith.

I still remember our last conversation about God, as she told me that he had not come through for her. She had prayed and asked him to change her situation, but things continued to get worse. She asked angrily, “Is this how a good God treats his children?” and went on to list all that God had not done for her, despite her faithfulness. She was tired of doing the right thing because it hadn’t gotten her anywhere.

“My hope is not that my situation will turn out a certain way, but that God will always do what’s best for me.”

I understand how my friend felt. I too have had unwritten, unilateral contracts with God where I tried to live a righteous life and in return expected God to bless me by fixing all my problems — especially if I prayed and read the Bible. After I became a Christian as a teenager, I felt sure that God had promised me an easy life and all I had to do was live it.." from the article: Suffering Will Always Change You

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