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Look at the Book: Six Reasons to Rejoice in Suffering: Colossians 1:24–27, Part 1

Video from Desiring God

Look at the Book

To Finish the Aim of Christ’s Afflictions

"I want us to focus on verse 24 of Colossians 1:24–29 and Paul’s “filling up that which is lacking in Christ’s afflictions.” How could anything be lacking in Christ’s afflictions? Was not his suffering and death for us utterly all-sufficient? So what does he mean in verse 24 and how does it apply to us?

The Word to the Nations

But to see verse 24 properly, let’s look at it in connection with the rest of the verses. Starting at verse 29, let’s go backward and sum up what Paul is saying in this paragraph.

Verse 29: Paul says that there is a purpose for which he labors. And the striving, the agonizing, of this labor is not merely his own energy. It is the power of Christ mightily working in him.

Verse 28 describes the purpose that Paul labors for, namely, to present everyone that he reaches “complete in Christ.” And he does this by proclaiming Christ, admonishing everyone, and teaching everyone. This is Paul’s ceaseless labor which Christ energizes..." from the article: To Finish the Aim of Christ’s Afflictions

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