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Looking at Life Today in Israel and Our Lord at Work

Video from Christian Media Center - English

Christian Media Center allows us a glimpse of life in Israel and the surrounding region and how our Lord is at work.

This news video from the Christian Media Center looks at theses four things:

MARY MAGDALENE, THE FEAST IN MAGDALA A crossroads of trade in the region where Jesus' preaching was concentrated, a Jewish village that was also important from a cultural and economic point of view. It is Magdala, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, which celebrated Mary Magdalene at the end of the eighth day of Easter. CONSECRATION OF THE CHURCH OF THE SHRINE OF THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL IN THE DEPOPULATED VILLAGE OF AL-MUJAYDEL Br Francesco Patton, Custos of the Holy Land, presided over a solemn mass for the consecration of the Church in the Convent of the Archangel Gabriel: it is located in Al-Mujaydel, near Nazareth, a village abandoned since 1948. CARITAS HELPS THE POOR IN GAZA The worsening living conditions of the inhabitants of Gaza and the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have led Caritas to become even more involved in helping the poor and needy in the Strip. NEW BIBLICAL FRAGMENTS DATING BACK OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS UNCOVERED The last fragments found in the Judah desert date back more than two thousand years and will help to provide more information about the texts of the Bible. THE CUSTODY OF THE HOLY LAND AND THE "LIVING STONES" A reflection by Brother Francesco Patton on the Christian presence in the Holy Land, and the particular role of the local faithful.

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