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Lujon - Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra (Henry Mancini)

Lujon - Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra (Henry Mancini)
Lujon - Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra (Henry Mancini)

Lujon - Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra (Henry Mancini)

Enjoy this rendition of Henry Mancini's "Lujon"!

"Dan Fontaine is one of Australia’s most sought-after composers, musical directors and virtuoso percussionists. A graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, Fontaine has amassed millions of YouTube views and international acclaim with his various projects. Working with some of the world’s top musicians, Fontaine’s collaboration with famed choreographer Travis Wall for the US Dancing With The Stars earned the performance an Emmy Nomination.

Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra brings a lush cinematic sound reminiscent of the 60s and 70s into the 21st century, combining contemporary beats with a retro symphonic sound. Twinkling piano, sweeping violins, and luxuriant horns, Dan Fontaine & His Orchestra exude sophistication and glamour from a bygone era. 

Fontaine’s newest albums "The Wonderful World Of Dan Fontaine" &  “Champagne & Quail” are available on iTunes and all streaming platforms along with his single "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" featuring Barrie-James..." from

The Meaning Behind The Song: Lujon by Henry Mancini

"As a music producer, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide array of artists and genres. Throughout my career, I have come across many remarkable songs that have left a lasting impact on me. One such song is “Lujon” by Henry Mancini. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the moment it began playing, I was captivated by its enchanting melody and mysterious ambiance.

Released in 1961 on Mancini’s album “Mr. Lucky Goes Latin,” “Lujon” is an instrumental piece that resonates deeply with its listeners. The song combines elements of jazz, Latin jazz, lounge, and easy listening, creating a unique and captivating musical experience. The title “Lujon” itself is intriguing, as it is not a commonly used word in the English language. This adds to the enigmatic allure of the song, as listeners are left wondering about its true meaning.

Upon further research, I discovered that “Lujon” is named after a character in the Jackie Treehorn-produced movie “Logjammin’.” This reference speaks to Mancini’s ability to draw inspiration from various sources and incorporate them into his music. It is fascinating to witness how a relatively unknown character can inspire such a beautiful and timeless piece of music.

Listening to “Lujon,” one can’t help but be transported to another time and place. The song holds a certain nostalgia, evoking images of dimly lit lounges, swirling smoke, and a romantic atmosphere. Its dreamy and seductive melody takes the listener on a journey, capturing their imagination and emotions..." from the article: The Meaning Behind The Song: Lujon by Henry Mancini

Video from Dan Fontaine

"Mastered at Studios 301 in Sydney Australia by Leon Zervos

Filmed at Swifts, Darling Point, Sydney for The Silver Party by Josh Holliday, Peter Danks, Elijah Mills of Holliday Music." from the video introduction

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