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Lying, Cheating is Endemic in Our Government & Culture

Video from The Hill

When China calls America hypocritical they are correct! Our nation makes accusations about other nations while we are guilty of the same crimes and sins.

We as individuals all know or should know we are the worst of sinners. We all must repent and change our behavior.

The following report will shock no one as we find that there are many Democrats and Republicans that are obviously in violation of congressional rules and regulations. Not only that it just speaks to the lack of commitment to those who elected them. They are selfish and greedy.

And they should be held accountable.

But this speaks yet again to how our society, how many of us have become as we fall further and further way from God. Many citizens approve of dishonesty and criminal activities to get what they or their tribe wants.

I am certain that the America of good character, values and virtue will never be recovered. We are being judged by God, we have been turned over to our sins, our greed and dishonesty.

Don't be one of those who claim Christ yet are involved in the sins of this world! - Andy

Insider's Dave Levinthal: Report On STOCK Act Violations Highlights The Meaning Of "Special Interests"

Insider's Dave Levinthal joined The Hill's "Rising" on Thursday morning to respond to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments about Business Insider's report alleging that 49 members of Congress and more than 180 of their staffers have violated reporting requirements meant by President Obama's 2012 Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act to prevent insider trading and conflicts of interest.

Read more via Insider: 49 members of Congress have violated a law designed to stop insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest

"We found many examples of, bottom line, lawmakers trading stocks around the same time they were making policy on the industries that those companies are a part of. Or making statements about the companies or the industries of that sort, taking votes," Levinthal said. "So you need to understand what the companies themselves are doing. These are not companies who have an arms-length relationship with Washington, on the contrary. These are companies that spend, individually, millions of years every single year to lobby the federal government, including members of Congress and their top staffers." (Article link)

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