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Video from DTBM

"MAKING SACRED VOWS OF SURRENDER TO HIS WILL Most of the greatest parts of my life are connected to promises that I have made, like making and keeping my marriage vows, the sacred duties of the call to ministry, and the promises to protect and care for my family. Often we are challenged by the renewal of our sacred vows of surrender to the Lord’s call to consecration. So I invite you today to do something with me: 1. If you are part of the cover2cover partnership this year, and would like to declare that it is your intention to get into the Word each day and go all the way through the Bible this year: please stand with me. 2. As you remain standing, if any of the rest of you are on a different pathway, but with the same goal of being in fellowship with God each day through His Word: please stand with us. 3. Will all of you standing seek to meet with the Lord each day of this New Year? If so please answer aloud: I Will. 4. You may be seated. Communion is a time of renewing our consecration. SURRENDER TO CHRIST AGAIN TODAY Deeper meditation on Christ's work leads to deeper surrender. Deepening our grasp of His sacrifice leads to a deepening surrender of our lives. Ponder what Christ sacrificed to purchase our salvation. Respond in adoring surrender to Him. To declare again your surrender to Christ today, hold your cup and stand with me and say these words to the Lord: Were the whole realm of nature mine/ That were an offering far too small/ Love so amazing, so divine/ Demands my soul / Demands my life/ Demands my all." from video introduction.


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