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Make Mistakes - Abandon your 'Perfect Life'

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Video from Green Renaissance

"Contact for Margy Malan on Facebook - or It’s time to abandon your 'perfect life'. It's time to admit that we all fail - it's universal. Yet we've been taught to think of failure as something shameful, something we should silently carry around with us. Instead, we need to know that the failure story ends with some sort of resiliency - I’ve picked myself up, I’m still going. We need to own our failures, celebrate them, share them, and learn from them. Failure makes us - but only if we accept it as part of life. It's time that we start to love all the pieces of life's journey, because it's through the struggles that we discover our strengths. "Keep moving from a place of failure or brokenness, to be able to find that something new." - Margy Malan" from video introduction.

Are you a perfectionist trying to live the perfect life but it evades you? If so stop, seek Christ, pray, slow down enjoy life for life is short!

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