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Makers of Neue Now: Frances Palmer

Makers of Neue Now: Frances Palmer

"To step into potter Palmer’s world is to be surrounded by the trappings of a life that has been intentionally—and painstakingly—built to maximize creativity. She makes her pottery in a light-filled, airy studio, and keeps a corner at the ready for her daily photo shoots. Cutting gardens overflow with flowers waiting to be snipped as inspiration strikes. Shelves of cookbooks are regularly perused as she plans the menu of her next dinner party, and museum catalogues and art books are also at her fingertips to pore over when it’s time to imagine a new vessel." from the video introduction

"I have been making ceramics since 1987. I was trained as an art historian, yet have always made work with my hands. First as a printmaker and now as a potter and gardener, I love the process of changing ideas into form. I don't make or grow things to hold onto them, but rather to send them out into the world for others to live with and enjoy. My handmade ceramics are functional art – dishware or vases that can be used on a daily basis. Each piece, no matter how large or small, is considered and individual.

I am honored and happy to think that people across the USA are using my work when they gather in friendship to share a meal and good times.

Read more about my adventures and see my latest Instagram snaps - generally updated on a daily basis - in my online journal. " from

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