Man is Basically Not Good??

Video from Navajo Traditional Teachings

Navajo Historian Wally Brown teaches about the traditional view on how people have to learn to be good.

Do you believe people are basically good? Many people believe that, but is it true? If we watch a toddler we quickly start to see the sin nature try to exert itself in selfishness and pride. Our culture says that people are basically good, but the Bible says the opposite.

Humans are the greatest destructive force in nature.

The Bible says sin makes us basically bad. This doesn’t mean we are all evil murderers. It means we are unholy and in rebellion against God by nature and the only solution is to be made holy.

Because we are basically bad therefore we need Jesus. Jesus is the only one who could die for our sins because he was perfectly holy.

In this video we see how some cultures already have a very realistic understanding of mankind's true nature.

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