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Masculine/Feminine Symbolism & Why Everything is Hypersexualized |-Jonathan Pageau (Maniphesto)

Video from Jonathan Pageau - Clips

"Watch the full version: Maniphesto - JONATHAN PAGEAU | Community Leadership and Restoring Masculinity:" from video introduction.

"Jonathan Pageau is the founder and host of the Symbolic World. He has played a central role in Maniphesto's mission of restoring masculinity and understanding the relationship with the feminine, hierarchy, and how to structure a community. Jonathan was the main speaker at the European Men's Gathering in 2021 and is inspiring and leading our understanding of these apocalyptic times. Timestamps: [0:00] - Intro [2:01] - Community leadership basics - fractal levels [8:45] - Examples of fractal embedded community [11:42] - The limits to inclusive community [14:40] - The creation of digital idols [18:28] - Entering a new technological paradigm [21:09] - Attention and celebration in fostering community [25:28] - How to deal with distraction [26:42] - Community venerating the masculine [29:51] - Defining the masculine and feminine [34:08] - Masculine leadership [36:31] - Confusion resulting from postmodernism [38:02] - Eros as the driving force towards unification [41:34] - The paradox of God as a "He" Read more about Maniphesto: Download our free ebook "Working with Men": Join an online men's groups with Maniphesto Core: ‘Check out the Maniphesto European Men's Gathering" from full length video introduction.


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