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Mediocrity is Killing Your Soul

Mediocrity is Killing Your Soul

Goats in Sheep’s Clothing

Why We Warn the Lukewarm

Mr. A is a member of the church. He was baptized years ago, still professes faith, and shows up routinely on Sundays. While he isn’t known for possessing much love to Jesus, or much zeal for spiritual things, neither is he known for being an open sinner. He is nice enough. He serves from time to time and doesn’t avoid getting into a conversation on his way out the door. He struggles with his set of sins, but who doesn’t?

While he sits in the same pew every week, truthfully, not many would notice if he left. He is not exactly a model of a hearty believer. But he is a member still — different members, different gifts.

Is he growing in holiness? You can’t really tell. Is he increasing in his knowledge of Christ? Hard to say. Does he really love the brethren? Well, what exactly do you mean? Does he warm at the love of God or delight in the Lord Jesus? Perhaps deep down. You’ve attended church with this person, maybe overlapped in a small group with him, but for all of that, his heart for his Lord hasn’t surfaced much. He blends into the pew from Sunday to Sunday like a fake plant in the corner of the sanctuary.

The years pass. He raises a family. His daughter sings in the children’s choir. His wife occasionally cooks meals for church gatherings. He never commits grave immorality. He never promotes heresy. He never stops coming. His gravestone eventually reads, “Here lies Mr. A., Christian husband, father, churchman.”

Over the years, I have been gravely concerned for this type of man — drawn to this man — probably because I used to be like this man..." from the article: Goats in Sheep’s Clothing

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