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Meet Lara Robinson - Artist

Video from Lara Robinson

Meet Lara Robinson - Artist

"Meet Lara, a professional artist with a passion for oil paintings. Lara's artistic journey began in Cornwall, where she explored landscapes with her grandfather. She honed her skills at renowned institutions like the Charles Cecil in Florence and the Barcelona Academy of Art, specialising in portraiture, landscapes, still life, figures, and sporting paintings.

Lara's advice for aspiring artists? Never hesitate to ask for help; it's the first step to success. Believing in yourself is paramount, as it not only attracts others' belief in you but also opens doors in the competitive art industry. Lara emphasises the importance of learning from both ups and downs, turning each experience into a stepping stone for growth.

Inspired by artists like Justin Mortimer and Mark Tennant, Lara admires their techniques in capturing unseen elements and dynamic moments. Currently working on a captivating series featuring London's nightlife, Lara envisions a future of continuous growth and recognition in her craft.

From her early days in Cornwall to navigating challenges during the pandemic, Lara's artistic journey reflects resilience and a commitment to constant learning. With a focus on oil paintings, Lara's versatility shines through as she experiments with different subjects and seeks to capture movement and gesture in her artwork. Join Lara on her creative journey and witness the magic of her evolving artistic expression." from video introduction

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