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Memento Mori (Remember You Will Die)

Video from Standardized Apologetics

You and I will die. It may be tonight, or tomorrow or next year. Only God knows the number of our days. This time last year no one could have imagined what we are experiencing now.

0ver 300, 000 Americans who are now death could never have guessed that 2020 would be the year they left this life.

Now we enter 2021. Death is still at our door. Many of us reading this right now may not survive the year ahead.

The question is are you ready, are you prepared to die well? Right now be reflective of your life. What can you do to make things right, who do you need to forgive? Repent, pray and be obedient to Christ!

"Video Credit: Emily Herminath The Hermits of Saint Paul of France once lived by the Latin phrase, "Memento Mori" which meant remember your mortality or in other words remember that you will die. Just before his death, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato said that the unexamined life is not worth living. How many of us seriously consider the claims of different religions or philosophies? Where did all of this come from? What is the meaning of life? What will happen to us when we die? We can't afford to ignore questions that could have eternal consequences. Every day that goes by is another step closer to the grave and it is gravely important that we consider our steps. For those of us who are unaware of what we believe, we should take the time to examine our lives and search for answers to the best of our abilities. And for those of us who sincerely believe we've found the answers, we should dedicate our lives to seeking connection with others. Apologetics is about connection. It is about connection with each other and connection to God. It's more than a logical defense of your beliefs, it's a loving plea to those around us to search for meaning, to search for truth, and to search for life before our lives come to an end." Video transcript.

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