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Men of Honor: Colin Powell Honored By Former Presidents At Funeral Service

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

There are very few Men of Honor in our culture today. As the last of The Greatest Generation goes to be with Jesus we are left with men without chests who have no values. or morals or concern for their fellow man.

Colin Powell was not perfect, he was a sinner like the rest of us yet he made efforts in his life that were selfless and admirable. May we all seek to live a life that exhibits such character.

Video from NBC News

"Former Presidents Obama and Bush attended an emotional celebration of the life of former Secretary of State Colin Powell at Washington’s National Cathedral. The soldier, statesman and counselor to presidents was remembered by friends and family at the service." from video introduction.

Video from PBS News Hour

"Despite being a very average young student, Colin Powell rose through the ranks of the military quickly and became a well respected diplomat, achieving many firsts along the way, including the first Black chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first Black national security adviser and the first Black secretary of State. Powell "was a larger than life figure and made enormous contributions to the United States," Richard Kohn, a military historian and the former chief historian for the U.S. Air Force, told PBS NewsHour digital anchor Nicole Ellis ahead of a Nov. 5 funeral honoring his life. Powell died in October at age 84 from complications related to COVID-19. Powell's legacy was not without stain, notably an appearance in front of the United Nations in which he cited faulty evidence that Saddam Hussein had secretly stashed away weapons of mass destruction. But he was held in such high regard throughout his life "for the values that he promoted," Kohn said." from video introduction.


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