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"Welcome to our newest playlist. This is the series called "Straight From the Bible" and is a collection of some of John's all-time most favorite Q&A sessions. All of these videos are short and to the point. We hope they will strengthen, encourage, and help many who are seeking to know the Lord or know Him better! " from video introduction.

"How do you feel when someone says they are praying for you? I guess it depends on what they are praying, and whether you think God will answer them! Today we listen in to a prayer for us that God will most certainly answer, because of the One who prays it. So let’s rejoice in what He prays.

Prayed for by Jesus Read John 17:20

• Who is Jesus now praying for? • Why is this amazing for us today?

Notice that these people don’t just believe in some vague notion of “Jesus”. They believe in the real, historical Jesus through the message of the apostles, which is the Bible. Jesus is not praying here for anyone who might call themselves a Christian; He is praying for people who believe the Bible message about the real Jesus..." from the article: What Jesus prays for us (John 17 v 20-26)


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