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Michael Heiser's Heavenly Council?

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Michael Heiser's Heavenly Council?

"Dr. Michael Heiser wrote a book called The Unseen Realm. He hypothesized that in Genesis 1:26 when God said to make man in "Our Image," this is the heavenly host of beings, not God's majestic plural. Dr. Baruch and I will discuss the majestic plural and whether Heiser is wrong or right in the context of scripture. We appreciate Dr. Heiser's work. Please note that the divine council is shown in Job if you wish to refresh yourself." from video introduction


"LoveIsrael is an organization committed to preaching Yeshua and evangelizing people worldwide. While our primary work is done in Israel, we have expanded our ministry, and are now present in all five continents. Our online platforms, as well as our televised broadcasts, reach over seventy-five countries and over thirty million viewers worldwide." from the website

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