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Miguel's Story: A Wheelchair Gives Mobility, Opportunity, and Access

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Video from Joni & Friends

"Six-year-old Miguel has spina bifida and lives with his grandparents in a tiny home, far from everything in a remote village in Brazil. Unable to afford a wheelchair, Miguel’s only means of transportation through the dirty paths of his village is a rusty wheelbarrow. In poverty and desperation, their family cried out to God for help; for someone to care. When the Joni and Friends Wheels for the World ministry gave Miguel a brand-new wheelchair and message of the Gospel, Miguel and his family learned that Jesus was never far away." from video introduction.

Jesus is at work in the world and hearts and souls of all his children around the world. In this case God was working through Joni and Friends to help Miguel. To reach out to otehrs with Spina Bifida contact: Spina Bifida Foundation


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