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Moses-The Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries: Digging for Truth Episode 157

Video from Associates for Biblical Research

"Bryan Windle joins us to count down the top ten archaeological discoveries related to Moses. Bryan will be telling us about inscriptions, Egyptian language, and even evidence for slaves making bricks in Egypt. Don’t miss the top ten Moses countdown on this new episode of Digging for Truth.' from video introduction.

"The account of God raising up Moses to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt is one of the most important biblical events. In fact it is the most frequently mentioned event in the entire Old Testament, referred to over 120 times in subsequent stories, laws, poems, Psalms, historical writings and prophecies.1 In addition, there has been 3500 years of almost unbroken Passover celebrations. The Exodus is such a seminal event in Hebrew history that it stretches credulity to suggest, as some critics do, that it did not have a historical basis.

Is there archaeological evidence for the Israelite exodus from Egypt? I believe there is, providing one recognizes the limits of archaeology and looks in the correct time period. First, one would not expect to find Egyptian inscriptions directly referencing the plagues or the Exodus, as royal inscriptions never included negative reports about the Pharaoh and his armies.2 Moreover, the Israelites wandered in the desert as nomads for 40 years, leaving little, if any, cultural remains due to their transient nature..." from the article: Top Ten Discoveries Related to Moses and the Exodus


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