God's Gift of Music: Motale's Violin

Video from Yad Veshem

"As a child of poor farmers in Krasnow, Poland, Motale Shlain was taken in by an established Jewish family, who gave him a violin and taught him to play. In 1941, following the German invasion of his hometown, Motale witnessed the murder of his family while hiding in an attic. Grabbing his violin, he fled to the forest where he joined the Partisans. When German soldiers ambushed his unit, Motale hurried to warn the fighters. On the way back from his dangerous mission, Motale was shot and wounded. With his final breath he asked "Will I get to see my parents and sister now?" His violin was saved by a fellow Partisan and donated to Yad Vashem, with a request that it continue to be played for future generations ̶ proof that the Nazis did not succeed in silencing the soulful melodies of Motale's violin. The violin is now part of Yad Vashem's vast Artifacts Collection and is on permanent display in the Holocaust History Museum." from video introduction.


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