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Must We Become Evil to Challenge Evil?

Video from Democracy Now

"Ukrainian officials are accusing Russia of committing war crimes for killing civilians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and EU leaders condemned images of dead civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, where corpses were found littering the streets after Russian troops withdrew from the area, some with their hands bound behind their backs. On Friday, Amnesty International also published a report that independently verified Russia has violated international law in using banned cluster munitions and other weapons that indiscriminately kill civilians. “What’s been going on during the entire more than a month now of conflict merits serious investigation and accountability for the perpetrators,” says Joanne Mariner, crisis response director at Amnesty International, who co-authored the report. “Given this relentless bombardment of civilian neighborhoods and districts, we’re calling for the establishment of safe humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to escape.” from video introduction.

No matter what the politics is or who is considered right or wrong the slaughter of men, women and children by the Russian Army and Putin are great evils!!!

Our complacency and moral relativism is also evil and has been shown to be irresponsible in caring for the afflicted in our society and around the world. We must act on a personal level by confession and repentance of our sinful ways and seek to humble ourselves before the Lord! - Andy

We Must End the War in Ukraine by Challenging Evil—Not Becoming It

"What is anti-imperialism in this new era of East-West polarization.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine turns ever more dire and atrocious by the day. Besieged cities, ten million refugees and a perpetual arms race have shattered the illusion of Europe as a civilized bastion in which war would never return. The longer the Russian assault continues, the more ruthless is its brutality, both in Ukrainian cities like Mariupol and Kharkiv as well as in the suppression of dissent at home. Every border in this world has been drawn by blood. This war, like any war, is nothing but hell on Earth—and there's no end yet in sight. While there must be no justification or reward for this reckless act of aggression, the West's uncompromising approach of punishment, armament and moral superiority is hypocritical and not conducive to ending the war. As both Russia and the West continue to pour fuel into the fire, devastating Ukraine, an international peace movement is needed to compel governments to de-escalate as soon as possible. At the same time, the new geopolitical scenario of competing empires with growing militarization and accelerating economic breakdown will compel those of us working for a world beyond capitalism, patriarchy, and nation-states to resist false polarization and relativism, and to propose an alternative vision for a world beyond any imperialism and war. Transcend False Binaries Russia's assault on Ukraine marks a geopolitical, economic, and ideological watershed moment for our world. In a period of American weakness, Putin cunningly used his chance to come on the offense, position Russia with his own agenda of regional imperialism and thereby openly challenge Washington's global hegemonic claim. It's well-known that most wars begin with a lie. That's why propaganda is an integral part of every imperialist regime. Wherever war is waged, it is preceded by an information war on people's hearts and minds. As Russia and the US—and their respective media operations—are running narrative campaigns over whose imperialism is of lesser evil, rejecting this false polarization—and without succumbing to indiscriminate relativism—is a rare position and radical need. It's both possible and important to call out atrocities and injustice of any one without justifying or hiding the atrocities and injustices of another. Acknowledging that Putin waged an aggression against another sovereign nation, that he's committing war crimes and massively violates human rights by suppressing his people's free expression and assembly, doesn't mean the West isn't using Ukraine as a pawn for its own agenda. It also doesn't mean that any of Russia's security concerns are invalid. On the other hand, pointing out the complicity of US imperialism in creating the conditions that led to this war doesn't necessitate turning a blind eye to violent autocrats just because they're opposed to the West..." from the article: We Must End the War in Ukraine by Challenging Evil—Not Becoming It


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