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My Life is Yours (Love Story) Arabic Christian Song

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

My Life is Yours (Love Story) Arabic Christian Song

Here is a wonderful video of Arab Christians worshiping God from

Strongtower. "Arab Christians have always existed in the Middle East, and long before the advent of Islam. In Lebanon today they number about 1.3 million (about one-third of the population) mainly of Maronite denomination. In Syria they number approximately two million (or about 10% of the population) which include a significant community of Maronites. In Egypt, Christians, mostly Copts, are about 4.5 million, or about 6% of the population. There are one million in Iraq of various denominations, or about 4% the population. The Christians of Palestine and Jordan may number 600,000, but so many population shifts had taken place that it is difficult to venture a reliable estimate". from Arab Christians are Arabs

by Raja G. Mattar

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