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Mysteries of God's World Both Real and Supernatural Part 9

Updated: Jun 25

Mysteries of God's World Both Real and Supernatural Part 9

There are many things, visible and invisible about God's world that He has chosen not to make obvious to us.

Many of those mysteries can be revealed by research, study, and observation.

There is much fodder on the internet and elsewhere concerning legends, supernatural events, and more.

Much of it is pure speculation and fantasy.

To look at a subject carefully requires wisdom and discernment, hard work, and an open mind.

Pastor Joel Webbon of Right Response Ministries has over the past few years presented discussions that are very open-minded and informative regarding many subjects.

Witches, Necromancy & “Familiar Spirits” | Episode 9

"Witchcraft is one of the fastest-growing cults in the world. This is not a harmless game to be trifled with. Witchcraft, necromancy, hexes, and many other occult practices are terrifyingly real." from the video introduction

Haunted Cosmos

Brian Sauve and Ben Garret introduce you to the newest New Christendom Press project: Haunted Cosmos—where Christianity, high strangeness, and the general weirdness of God’s embattled cosmos collide.

Check out Haunted Cosmos on YouTube.

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