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Narnia's Secret Timeline: Narnia Lore & Narnia History - Into the Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

"What if there was a real-world connection between the Narnian timeline and the history of our world? C.S. Lewis was famous for inserting metaphors, symbols and hidden meanings in his stories. From the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, to Prince Caspian, to The Horse and His Boy, The Silver Chair, The Magician's Nephew and the Last Battle, find out if there's a deeper reason for the 7 Ages of Narnian history than you might have known. Thanks to user Francesco Carlini for pointing out the numerological theory at 2:40! " from vidoe introduction.

Map of Narnia
Map of Narnia

Time Periods of Narnia

The time periods of Narnia, are the chronological ages and eras throughout the history of the Narnian Empire, from Narnian-year 1 until the world's end in 2555 (see the Narnian timeline page for the major events of Narnia and the equivalent date on Earth in which they took place): Ages and Monarchs of Narnia

  1. The Age of Conquest (The Early Ages) [0—900]

    • The Birth of Narnia: the Narnian shadowlands are conceived; the Stone Table is constructed by Aslan's father; and Narnia itself is awakened by Aslan and the Stars

    • The Old Dynasty begins and reigns for about 900 years, founding the Narnian Empire

  1. The Age of Winter (The Long Winter) [900—1000]

    • The White Witch's reign begins

    • The Winter Revolution and the end of the White Witch's reign

  1. The Golden Age (The Rulership of the Pevensies) [1000—1015]

    • The Pevensie children are crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia, beginning the 15-year-long Pevensie Dynasty

    • The Pevensie Dynasty ends with no successors

  1. The Dark Age (Unstable Leaders and Subsequently, Anarchy) [1015—1998]

    • Various disputed dynasties rise and fall

    • Narnia in anarchy

  1. The Telmarine Age (Foreign Humanocentric Rule) [1998—2303]

    • The Telmarine Conquest

    • The Telmarine ("Caspian") Dynasty begins; ousting of the Old Narnians

    • The Narnian Revolution occurs, with the Old Narnians taking back the kingdom from the Telmarine-Narnians

  1. The Age of Exploration (The Expansion Era) [2303—2356]

    • Narnian imperial expansion occurs

    • The Caspian Dynasty officially ends

  1. The Later Ages (Narnia's Last Days) [2356—2555]

    • The New Dynasty begins

    • The False Aslan Affair and the subsequent Calormene Conquest, fall of the Narnian Empire

    • The world is destroyed by Aslan: the sun is put out; the new ocean body freezes into solid ice; Father Time freezes to death, and his soul joins those creatures that destroyed Narnia's vegetation

from the article: The Chronicles of Narnia

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