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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

New on video feed:

Enoch, The Watchers & The Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ Dr. Michael Heiser

The Book Of Enoch, The Watchers & The Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ, an interview with Dr. Michael Heiser Dr. Michael Brown interviews biblical scholar and Hebrew language expert Dr. Michael Heiser, the academic head of Logos Bible Software & Scholar-in-Residence at Faithlife—as they explore the Word together and address some of the most common misconceptions and myths.

Closer to Truth: What is God's Judgement?

Every religion thunders its day of reckoning, and to examine God's judgment is to probe God's character and perhaps assess God's existence. If God does not exist, God's judgment may expose it. If God does exist, and assuming God is merciful as well as just, maybe we've missed the meaning of God's Judgment. Featuring interviews with Richard Swinburne, John Polkinghorne, Seyyed Nasr, Varadaraja Raman, Venerable Dr. Yifa, and Robert Russell.

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