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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Esther in America

The Museum of the Bible

Dr. Stu Halpern’s (Yeshiva University) new book, Esther in America: The Scroll’s Interpretation in and Impact on the United States, and the role the beloved biblical book has played in American social and political history will be examined. Copyright © 2021 Museum of the Bible. All rights reserved.

Esther in America by Dr. Stu Halpern

"The Book of Esther has inspired and impacted the American project since its very inception. Rabbis and ethicists, abolitionists and artists, preachers and presidents, have understood the text to speak to their moment. It has offered solace to immigrants, forged solidarity, impacted politics, and, in the spirit of Esther 4:14, roused individuals to realize that deliverance was not to come from some other place, but from their own heroic actions on behalf of their people. As we Americans once again find ourselves navigating antisemitism and bigotry, questioning the limits and purposes of power, reassessing gender dynamics, and grappling with how to keep an ethnically diverse empire from imploding, it is once again to Esther we must turn, to the timeless scroll that continues to urge us to find strength and redemptive possibility in the least expected of places. Includes the Megilla text." book introduction.

Closer to Truth

"From the Jewish perspective, what is the relationship between the Creator and the Created? What is the relationship between metaphysics and theism? What defines Jewish philosophy? Aaron Segal is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this interview with host Robert Lawrence Kuhn, he discusses metaphysics, God, and epistemology from the Jewish perspective. The Global Philosophy of Religion Project aims to make the philosophy of religion a truly global field by promoting the scholarly work of researchers from underrepresented regions and religious traditions. It is led by Professor Yujin Nagasawa and hosted by the University of Birmingham. Learn more about the project:" video introduction.

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