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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Did God Create Other Life in the Universe?

Dr. John Barnett of DBTM discusses the possibility of other life in God's universe.

"...Peter adds mankind those higher intelligences those images of God that God created and and there is no room in the scriptures for any other life forms because if so God is certainly neglecting them he is focusing everything the cross the work of the Angels the angels are watching over humans see anything any other life-forms out there in the universe...

Closer to Truth

Almost all religions promise eternal life. In one form or another, the message goes forth that death is not final. But each religion paints its own portrait of the hereafter: some are collective and ethereal in the spirit, others individual and corporeal in the body. Which would you choose? (Your opinion means nothing, of course.) Featuring interviews with Richard Swinburne, J.P. Moreland, Seyyed Nasr, Varadaraja Raman, and Huston Smith.

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