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Signs We are at the End of Days

What does the world look like when Jesus comes back? We can know if we read His messages about His Second Coming. And if we read carefully we see a very clear picture He describes. Most of what Jesus described were events and elements that have always been somewhere on earth occurring—but He tells us that when these events and elements begin to go global, watch for Him. So what do we see at the end? Here is another look at the next few elements of the world when Jesus Returns. I like to call them 25 trends that are present when Christ returns.

Closer to Truth

Does the Cosmos Have a Reason?

How breathtakingly vast is the universe. How majestic. Is there meaning, purpose—a reason? Some scientists say no; we create our own purpose. Others look to God, while some seek meaning in the search for aliens. All see beauty. Featuring interviews with Michio Kaku, Alan H. Guth, Jill Tarter, Douglas Vakoch, Russell Stannard, and Frank Wilczek.

Closer To Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn takes viewers on an intriguing global journey into cutting-edge labs, magnificent libraries, hidden gardens, and revered sanctuaries in order to discover state-of-the-art ideas and make them real and relevant.

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