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16 Questions On Heaven (with Randy Alcorn)

Are there animals and pets in Heaven? Sports? Can we fly? Can we sin? How does the truth of Heaven help us grieve through loss? Today, my guest Randy Alcorn helps us wrestle through some of the toughest and most common questions about heaven and the promises of the new creation!

Closer to Truth

Does Moral Responsibility Require Free Will?

Does morality require free will? Philosophers and brain scientists argue that our ‘will’ is less ‘free’ than we think. How do arguments about free will impact morality and civil society, including the judicial system and legal defenses? Featuring interviews with Alfred Mele, Thalia Wheatley, Patrick Haggard, Roy Baumeister, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.

Closer To Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn takes viewers on an intriguing global journey into cutting-edge labs, magnificent libraries, hidden gardens, and revered sanctuaries in order to discover state-of-the-art ideas and make them real and relevant.

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