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New Peer Reviewed Date for the Shroud of Turin

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video from The Joy of Faith

New Peer Reviewed Date for the Shroud of Turin

"An April 2022 peer reviewed scientific journal found a new date for the Shroud of Turin. Learn more in this video. Resources: Peer reviewed journal - Scientist interview - Rogers study - 2019 study -" from video introduction.

New Scientific Technique Dates Shroud of Turin to Around the Time of Christ’s Death and Resurrection

An Italian scientist is claiming a new technique using X-ray dating shows the Holy Shroud of Turin to be much older than some scientists have stated, and that it does in fact coincide with Christian tradition by dating back to around the time of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Working with a team of other researchers, Liberato De Caro of Italy’s Institute of Crystallography of the National Research Council in Bari used a “Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering” method to examine the natural aging of cellulose that constitutes a sample of the famous linen cloth.

They concluded that their peer reviewed research shows the Holy Shroud is compatible with the hypothesis that it is much older than seven centuries old — the conclusion reached in 1988 using carbon dating techniques — and is around 2,000 years old.

In this April 13 email interview with the Register, De Caro, who has been investigating the Holy Shroud for 30 years, explains more about the discovery, why he believes the X-Ray technique is superior to carbon dating for determining the age of fabric fibers, and discusses other recent discoveries that also point to the Holy Shroud’s authenticity.." from the article:

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