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New Testament Scholar Douglas J. Moo on Reading Habits, Favorite Books, and Writing

Video from Zondervan

"In this interview, Douglas J. Moo talks about his reading habits, his favorite books, how he writes, and his advice to his younger self. 0:00 - Reading habits 0:54 - Deciding what to read next 2:02 - Favorite books 2:45 - How to read academic works 3:55 - From notes to a first draft 4:49 - Structuring a book 5:46 - How to read difficult books 6:53 - Underrated books 8:09 - How to begin a writing project 10:20 - The relationship between writing and editing 11:17 - Moo’s advice to his younger self

Douglas J. Moo (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. His work centers on understanding the text of the New Testament and its application today. He has written extensively in several commentary series, including Romans in the NIV Application Commentary. With is son Jonathan Moo, he coauthored Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World, part of Zondervan’s Biblical Theology for Life series. He is also the author of the award-winning A Theology of Paul and His Letters." from video introduction.

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