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Sola Fide: Only By Faith

Updated: Apr 15

Sola Fide: Only By Faith
Sola Fide: Only By Faith

Sola Fide: Only By Faith

We live in a prideful and selfish time. Yet humanity in our fallen sinful condition always cycles back to pride and self-destruction. Look at history, look at God’s discipline of Israel and the world. This is not new.

And our self-denial, our amnesia of the truth is not new either, what is new is our ability to spread our self-loathing, pride, and hatred around the world. Also, our focus is in general not on Christ but on us. Even among many Christians, it’s all about self-aggrandizement which runs counter to the humility taught by our Lord. It’s about proving someone else wrong so you can puff up.

But let’s be fair and clear, even in our Agnostic, pragmatic Atheistic behavior God is at work. We however are still responsible for our thinking and actions. We seldom admit to our limited knowledge or abilities. We are weak, we are ignorant of much. What we do and know is by God’s grace. You are not self-made that is a myth and a lie. People of God “put no confidence in the flesh” (Philippians 3:3).

As Christians, we understand justification by faith, meaning our Judge has declared us righteous, rather than guilty, clearing us of any wrongdoing. But according to the Christian Gospel, we are guilty, God “justifies the ungodly” through faith (Romans 4:5). Whatever basis we might have for self-confidence, in our talents, skills, these have been pushed aside to the “glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:3). God’s acceptance of us is based on Christ, not our pedigree and performance.

So today if you are feeling puffed up take a step back and pray, confess your pride and arrogance to God, and practice humility. Our pedigree and our performance do not impress God and they don’t impress other people. The world operates on the shallow fuel of materialism, self, fame, and folly. Will you as a redeemed image of Christ become part of this worldly and sinful culture or will you serve Christ and be countercultural?

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