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One-Anothering For Christ & Community

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count [one another] more significant than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another. 1 Peter 5:5

One-Anothering For Christ & Community

In our selfish age of individualism we turn ever inward.

Even as Christians we have been indictrinated by the "Me" culture.

But of we profess to be in the world and not of it we kill the "me" our selfish ambitions and we focus on Christ and helping and ministering to those around us.

The one-anothers of our culture are rooted in brokenness, enmity, manipulation, and selfishness.

Local churches should exist to show a different way of being and life.

Our Lord reconciles us to himself and to each other, leading us to one-another love from the difficulties of one-another pain.

The video below tells us about a person who was willing to put her own welfare in jeopardy to help someone else.

Let us all follow her example!

Corrections officer's decision to care for an inmate's baby costs her a job

Video from CBS Mornings

"Roberta Bell, a former correctional officer, made a promise to a young inmate she met while working at a Louisiana prison. Bell agreed to care for the inmate's baby. It was a decision that cost Bell her job at the prison. Bell tells CBS News lead national correspondent David Begnaud if she had to do it all over again, she would make the same choice. It's just the first step in Bell's journey toward selflessness and giving." from video introduction

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