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One of the Oldest Churches in the World " The Niranam Church"

" THE MOTHER CHURCH" A documentary - One of the oldest Church in the World " The Niranam Church"

Video from Elizabeth Kurian

"This is an English Documentary on " Niranam St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church presented by His Grace Dr.Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos, the Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church . This is one of the oldest churches in the world established by St. Thomas in 54 AD in India. This church is relevant to the history of Christianity in India and is an example of the huge legacy that christians in India have. It is also one of the famous pilgrimage centres in Kerala. This documentary gives a brief information about the history and the relevance of this church in Malankara Orthodoxy. Please do like comment and share and If you like our content please care to Hit "Thanks " button on the left of the video. God bless you all! Credits - Written, Narrated, Edited and Directed by - Sony K. Chandy Background Score - Sony K. Chandy Director of Photography - Lino Jacob Drone Shots - Chandra Digital Studio Tiruvalla Executive Producer - Elizabeth Kurian Special Thanks for Research and Subject Materials Rev. Fr : Varghese Mathew - Vicar, St. Marys Orthodox Church, Niranam Mr. M.V Abraham - Former Trustee, St. Marys Orthodox Church, Niranam Mr. K. Thomas Varghese - Scholar, Author and Niranam Historian Mr. Thomas Philip , Vizhalil - Research Scholar , Secretary Niranam Church 0:00 Foreword by HG Dr.Yuhanon Mar Chrysostomos 2:20 Introduction 6:11 The Mother church 7:12 The ancient port city Niranam 8:04 The mission of St Thomas at Niranam 10:23 The Niranam Grandhavari 12:34 The Instructable Stone Tablet 14:12 The Antiques and Ancient Artefacts of Niranam 15:14 The Ancient Granite Cross Of Niranam 16:12 The Rambanpattu of Niranam 18:34 The Padipuramalika 19:40 The Baptismal Font 21:37 The Ancient pillars of Niranam 24:11 The Iron Cross of Niranam 24:35 The Unique Square Well 24:56 The Pieta of Niranam 25:20 The Lady of Miracle at Niranam 25:54 The Horse Chariot of the King of Travancore 26:53 The Daughters of Niranam 30:20 The Advent of Catholics 31:43 The Mar Thomas at Niranam 36:29 The Age of Torment At Niranam 41:05 St. Gregorios The Metropolitan of Niranam 42:50 The Fourth Building 47:28 The Burglary of the Golden Cross of Niranam 51:01 The New Golden Cross of Niranam 51:25 Important Celebrations and Events that happened in Niranam 54:03 Holy Qurbana & Important Feasts of Niranam 58:39 Visiting Eminent Personalities & Spiritual Heads at Niranam 1:00:06 The Ever-burning Chandelier of Niranam 1:03:36 Credits" from video introduction

Niranam Church, Founded by Apostle St.Thomas, Kerala,

"Niranam church, popularly known as Niranam Valiya Pally or simply Niranam Pally is one of the oldest churches in Kerala under the Niranam Orthodox Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. First founded by St. Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, in AD 54, the church had been rebuilt several times since then. The stones in the church show the last reconstruction work in 1259. The present building, the fourth, was built in 1912 and renovated in 2000.

This historical Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church saw important events such as the establishment of a Catholicate in India. The first Catholicose and second Catholicose of the church were ordained here in 1912 and 1925 respectively.

The main altar, central building is dedicated to St. Mary and is used for regular services. The northern altar is consecrated to Saint George, while the southern one is dedicated to Mar Behnam. There are small altars dedicated to Saint Thomas and Saint Stephen.

An important and unique feature of this famous church is the presence of a tall granite cross at the right side of the entrance, a relic of the past, probably from 1259, the time at which the third renovation of the church building took place. The base of the cross has carvings, resembling those in Hindu Temples.." from the article: Niranam church, founded by apostle St.Thomas, Kerala,

Niranam Valiya Pally
Niranam Valiya Pally

Patriarch Abune Mathias
Patriarch Abune Mathias

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