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Online Resources for Study of God's Holy Word

Online Resources for Study of God's Holy Word
Online Resources for Study of God's Holy Word

Online Resources for Study of God's Holy Word

We live in a time when we have a burden of knowledge!

We are in fact overwhelmed with information

Ironically many Christians are more biblically illiterate then ever.

To know our Lord, to know Christ we read and study His Holy Word. We take advantage of the knowledge and resources we have to know Christ better, to be in relationship with Him.

Knowledge by itself can make us prideful.

Recently The Gospel Coalition started an excellent online resource: The Carson Center for Theological Renewal

The Carson Center exists to foster spiritual renewal around the world by providing excellent theological resources for the whole church—for anyone called to teach, and anyone who wants to study the Bible.

For more read the article: TGC Announces The Carson Center for Theological Renewal

This is an excellent resource for Bible Study and theology which we all should use.

Here is a sample essay from the website:

Paul’s Theology

AN ESSAY BYJohn D. Harvey

DEFINITION Paul’s theology revolves around the central concept of the change that takes place when a person trusts in Christ.

SUMMARY For Paul, every human being lives in one of two spheres of existence, and faith in Christ is the means God uses to move a person from one sphere to the other. Colossians 1:13 captures the essence of Paul’s theology in a single verse: “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son” (ESV). Elsewhere in his letters, Paul draws the contrast between “our old self” and “our new self” and, more pointedly, between “in Adam” and “in Christ.” The deliverance from being in Adam and the transfer to being in Christ take place on the basis of God’s grace, through the means of faith, apart from works, religious ritual, or law. As followers of Christ, therefore, we are new creations, for whom “the old has passed away [and] the new had come” (2Cor 5:17, ESV), and we live out our new existence in Christ by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit (Rom 8:1–17)..." continue reading Paul’s Theology


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