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"Only a God Can Save Us": Martin Heidegger & Nazism - A Film by Jeffrey Van Davis

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Video from CEE Video Channel

"Only a God Can Save Us"

Dec 29, 2022

"Martin Heidegger is considered to be the most profound thinker of the Twentieth century. His magnum opus, Being and Time was published in 1927 and had the equivalent impact on philosophy that Einstein's theory of relativity, published in 1906, had on physics and Freud's theory of personality, published in 1902, had on the field of psychology. In May 1933, Heidegger, Germany's most famous philosopher, joined the Nazi Party and became the first Nazi Rector of a German University. In an interview in Der Spiegel in 1976, Heidegger reiterated his distaste for democratic society and modernity. His final words of despair: Only a God Can Save Us. Timestamps: 01:41 Memorial and recollections 07:00 Messkirch 10:55 Early life 14:04 World War I 23:12 Being and Time 36:10 The Rectorship 45:37 Kristallnacht 51:55 Edith Stein 56:18 Hiding from the French 1:01:26 Denazification 1:11:23 Hannah Arendt 1:13:38 Paul Celan 1:19:00 Epilogue 1:22:42 Shame and Guilt We would especially like to thank Jeffrey Van Davis for allowing us to show his film on our channel." from video


Martin Heidegger was brilliant. He exhibited the gift of deep thinking and understanding about how people think and how they behave in a way that only a gift from God could provide.

Yet he chose the evil of the Nazi's as his core beliefs.

This film gives us a glimpse of this man and the world he lived in. - Andy

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